Tuesday, April 12, 2005

No. 3

To the People of the United States:

There is an old proverb, of origin unknown to me, about a fox guarding a hen house. A better mental picture than this cannot be mustered, when considering Public Education. All of history will attest, that when tyranny reigns, it retains its place above the populace by the suppression of knowledge and truth. It is continually in the best interest of the tyrant, to keep enlightenment out of arms reach of the unsuspecting civilian body, who dutifully pour their tax money into the almighty governmental machine.

If we can agree that education and gain of knowledge sparks enlightenment, and the best interest of tyranny is indeed to keep such enlightenment from the public, what good sense does it make to put in any government's hands the Key to Power, which lies in our educational system? This question I ask pleadingly, that you, the Good People of this Nation would take into consideration the dangers posed by allowing the government body to rule the roost in the realm of education.

If for no other reason than a conflict of interest, I beg, take responsibility in hand and arm yourselves with at very least the truth of the relationship between the Government of the United States, and the quality of knowledge imparted to our populace, or lack thereof.

The State of South Carolina and Gov. Mark Sanford, have introduced legislation that is being called "Put Parents in Charge." This piece of legislation would effectively take control of education away from the Government and put it back where it belongs: in the hands of parents. "Put Parents in Charge" will allow for vouchers to paid out on behalf of the parents who have already paid for public schooling via the state and county tax system, but desire to send their children to private schools, or to homeschool them. The system also allows for the parents to send their children to schools in a different school district, eliminating the situations involving children trapped in the dilapidated urban school districts.

Until we can work to completely abolish State-funded schooling altogether, I would encourage the residents of South Carolina, and in fact the entirity of the 50 states to make sure these sorts of legislation get passed in every state. Parental choice of schools is of the utmost importance in the quality of education recieved, as well as a solution to the dangers of "dumbing down" our children for the sake of further empowering an elitist government.

People of the United States, put your parents back in charge!

Publius II

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